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The different types of Promotional Videos

  • By Jessica

Corporate promotional video

You can show the most attractive sides of your company or your product with the usage of moving images combined with sound. That can be a virtual tour through your company, hotel or promoting a particular product release. A very classic and common one is to place a sympathetic, good-looking person in a white room and let them tell about the business and your advantages.

Instructional video

The how-to or instructional video is a good way to explain your customers how your product works and how to take the best advantage of it. People learn easier through audiovisual media rather than reading and it is an easy way to make a connection between the instructor and the customer.

Client reviews

Do you have a lot of satisfied customers? You can involve them and let them speak about your business and how happy they are with your products. Nothing is better than a recommendation. People mostly try a new product when it’s recommended by a good friend. Choose a natural-looking and believable person with whom the average customer can identify itself and let them speak about the advantages of your product and why they like it.
Other businesses take their staff and let them talk about their work, because happy staff means good service and good service is makes clients happy. But it should be authentic, people can usually tell when there’s something wrong.


A video that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your company, but attracts a lot of viewers. That’s the strategy behind a viral video. People like to share it because it’s funny, shocking or just something new. What could be more convenient than that in terms of marketing?

Get inspired and watch some examples for great commercials

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