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Music Video: Once In A Lifetime

  • By Bea

Music Videos: One on my favourites..

Once a music video was a promotional tool, it began as a popular promotion of music. During the ‘80s and especially by the upswing of MTV it became a television phenomenon. The music video mixed with fine arts and new technologies, so new trends ascended.

One of my favourite music videos is Once In A Lifetime from the Talking Heads from 1980. In this music video singer David Burne is dancing like a marionette by flinging his arms, tapping his head and patting the floor, as we all know from the Puppet Theatre. Talking Heads have never been commercially successful until the music video of Once In A Lifetime came out. It has become one of the most popular clips in MTV history and according to Time. Entertainment it is the ‘All Time Best Music Video’.

This music video is a good example of how the combination of music promotion and the fine arts can increase the success of a band. The popularity of this song is owing to David Burne’s creative and innovative mind and the music video production. By the emergence of MTV the experience of music changed. The music video became an essential element of the appreciation of music. Therefore the clip is an elementary medium for experiencing music. The video of Once In A Lifetime challenged the distinction between commercial goals and video art and helped the band to gain popularity and prevalence.

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