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Promotional Video

As the use of online video steadily increases, it is becoming more and more necessary to use video if you want to be noticed. Live Vision promotional videos hold the attention of your audience long enough to SHOW them what your are about and what you can do for them. We create videos which entertain your viewers, tell them your story and turn them into customers, investors, supporters and more. Best of all, online video is the perfect way for people to share your message with their friends.

What else can an online video do for me?

  • Give your company a face and personality - People like to do business with people. Direct, subtle, funny, attractive, shocking…share your brand personality and values without physically meeting each and every potential customer.
  • Increase brand awareness - when you embed  your promotional video on your web site, social networks, and online directories, you will improve the ranking on search engines as well as increase the number of visitors on your page. It is also quicker and easier to share a video online rather than a paper brochure.
  • Help you to be remembered for longer - We tend to remember images better than words. Video is the best tool to engage your audience quickly and leave an impression. Don’t bombard them with lots of  text that will be quickly forgotten.
  • Turn mud to water - not literally! But a video can help convey a complicated message clearly and easily so your audience understands what you are offering.

The videos below show what we are able to do whilst working to tight deadlines, shifting priorities and varied budgets. Our friendly team are waiting on the edge of their seat to help you share what you do with the world.

Who We Are Client: Prod Design

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Talent: Jodie Kidd Client: House PR/Olympia

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Fright Night Client: HousePR/Thorpe Park

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