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Business and Corporate Videos

Business Videos /Corporate Videos grab the attention of your audience long enough to SHOW them what your business is about and what you can do for them. We create videos which engage your viewers, tell them your story and turn them into customers, investors, supporters and more. Best of all, online videos give your audience the the perfect way to share your message with their friends. This is how we do it:

1. Understanding your aims – We’re good listeners. Our first job is to see the vision you have, whether it’s just a seedling, or a fully-grown movie in your mind. We’ll get our head around what you want and need.

2. Get business out of the way – We believe in keeping everything clear from the outset. Once we know what you need, we talk about the how, the budget, the timeline and all the little details which will give us space to be creative for you.

3. Working magic – We have a knack for squeezing massive tasks into tiny timetables and crafting lovely images from less-lovely budgets. We love what we do, so this this bit is exciting – when we get to bring your vision (see step 1) alive! The magic happens in three stages:

  • Pre-production – All the preparation, casting, bookings, equipment, script, shot list etc etc..
  • Production – The actual shooting.. This is usually the shortest part, and often the most fun, where in the studio or on location.
  • Post-Production – This is where we edit, animate, colour, mix sound, and do all the small things which will make the end product look something like the dreams you been having since you first called us :)

Why Live Vision? Outlook – We see things a bit differently to many companies. Our success is always measured by the vision that started the process in the first place. The same passion to realise vision drives us, whether we’re working for household names, or our local start-ups. We try to get into your shoes, and keep them on until the project is done. (then you can have them back. We are not thieves). If you smile when you see the finished work, we’ll do the same.

We’ve had the hiccups, and won: As most of us have come to realise, one service provider can often be much like another offering the same services. That is until a problem comes up. We are so focused on delivering your expected outcome that we move heaven and earth to bring solutions to the types of obstacle that can appear on large, complex shoots.

Let’s start now. You could tweet, ping, poke, skype, fill a form or even go for old-fashioned email.. We’d really like to speak on the phone and arrange a face-to-face meeting though. Please call on 0800 019 9942 and we’ll look forward to bringing your vision alive.

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